When You are in Need of Furnace Repairs

When your furnace is in need of repair work, who can you count on to do a quality diagnosis and repair on the heating unit?  It should be a company that has an excellent reputation with doing trusted, quality work for many years.  Ensure that the company that comes out to your home is trusted, and has licensed professionals with all heating and furnace repair units.

When calling a furnace repair company the professional is going to ask you a few basic questions, such as:

  • Is the unit currently working?
  • How long has this problem been occurring?
  • When is the last time the unit was serviced?
  • Does it have a history of requiring long repairs?

General Repair/Maintenance you can do yourself

There are a few things you can do to maintain the furnace area yourself once a year, such as vacuum around the furnace area blower.  You can also remove each of the blowers to the fan unit (if possible) and clean each one with a toothbrush, then continue vacuuming the area with a special brush attachment that is available on the vacuum.  As you are doing this, look for any motor ports on your furnace; you can add a few drops of non-detergent oil to these motor ports.

Below are some of the ordinary problems that can be occurring with your furnace:

A Gas Leak

This is a problem that would need to be handled immediately!  A gas leak is usually detected by a “rotten egg” smell, which is something the gas company instills in the system to deter this type of problem.  If the smell is very strong, avoid lighting any matches, evacuate the home of everyone (including pets) and call a professional right away.

You will also need to go to the main shut off valve and turn the power supply to the gas off.  Call the local gas utility company and/or the fire department right away and do not allow anyone back in the home till the issue has been resolved.  Also, avoid lighting any matches or other fire sources while in the vicinity of your home until the leak has been taken care of.

There is no flame and the furnace is not working

Some of the older gas/combustion-fuel furnace will have a pilot light; others that are more current have an ignition that is electronic.

Pilot Light

With the pilot light ignition, the case may be a faulty or loose thermocouple, or a clogged pilot orifice.  You also may have your pilot setting too low or even a faulty cutoff valve.

Electronic Ignitor

When you have an electronic ignitor you will first need to turn the thermostat completely to off. Then reset the module on the ignition control while waiting to hear a spark, feel the surface begin to heat, or see the surface glow, according to the owner’s manual.


If none of these troubleshooting techniques work, always call a qualified heating specialist.  You do not want to risk injury, fire, or death to yourself or any of your loved ones by trying to fix a faulty furnace on your own.



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