Tips for Staging Your Own Home for Sale

Selling is more about psychology than anything else. Selling your home is no different. Many people try to promote their home based on their sentimental attachment. What they don’t realize is that people want as little of you in their new purchase as possible. In staging a home, you want potential buyers to see a clean product that is fully available for their own personal touches. Staging a home is an opportunity to neutralize the space, and at the same time add modern touches that freshen up some of the dated features. Here are a few tips for making your home more attractive to buyers.

  • No Pets Allowed: We love our pets, so we put up with their smells and their hair and whatever else. But usually, buyers are turned off at the signs of pets in the house. If you are showing your home, you should make sure the pets are not around, unless they are fish. And even better, is that you should try to eliminate all signs of the pets even living there.
  • Your Nostalgia Doesn’t Sell: Walking into a home that is full of photos of people, and amateur crafts and awards, is interesting when you are visiting. But it has a negative effect when you are thinking of buying. All that personal stuff is making the claim that, this property belongs to someone already. The buyer is thinking they would rather have a clean slate. If you are looking for help with pre-sale home staging in Perth, help can be found through an internet search.
  • Clean Everything Well: Buyers are usually willing to overlook personal touches if everything is clean. Don’t just do your regular cleaning. Go all in, the value of your home will be greatly affected by the state of its cleanliness. Steam clean and scrub, consider getting professionals to come in, and if possible, get some new paint if you have walls that are worn and faded.

Once you have freshened up the house sufficiently, then it is time to stage a few things to update the space. It is possible to rent art items and decorative objects to place around the house. If you have a really good friend who has a few items that would be perfect.  You could ask to borrow a few things for a while. Think of your home as a show home, not your home. Emphasise the features of the house and minimize your history in it. It might be hard to do, but it will be worth it.

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