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The Uses Of Electricity In Your Daily Lives

Have you ever thought of your life without electricity? How would it be? Would there still be technology? or simple daily life products like refrigerator? or even transport and communication systems? It is simply beyond one’s imagination. We use electricity for small tasks like a light bulb in a room to huge tasks like operating a train or airplane. Electricity is needed wherever you go now. Here are some of the common uses of electricity in your daily lives.


We see large hospitals with their emergency rooms open 24 hours. Electricity plays an important part in this sector. All surgical operations require electricity. Not just this but electricity is used in very simple tasks as well like lighting as hospitals are required to have lighting all the time. More uses include cooking for patients, computer systems, and machines like X-ray, or tomography machines (CT scans).


From small tasks like charging your phone to big tasks like heating your food in microwave or washing your clothes through the washing machine, electricity is needed on a daily basis. You can even check your rate and usage with your electricity providers and switch them accordingly. You might not realize it but your day can’t get by without electricity, that’s how important it has become for everyday life.

Transport and Communication

Electric vehicles are widely used now in order to save fuel, instead, they use electricity to charge the car batteries. Railway networks use electricity as the source of fuel. Thus, electricity is seen to be a major contributor for transport purposes in order to save the environment. We can only communicate from one side of the world to the other side because of electricity that charges our phones and even help  build a network.

Industrial Use

Industry use electricity on a large scale everyday for manufacturing processes. Over the past, industry uses have increased. Electricity plays an important role in all sorts of processes like controlling the temperature of certain processes for example, a steel industry requires different temperature control than a cement industry. Many generate their own electricity whereas some are dependent on the utilities being provided to them.

City Use

Ever wondered how the stoplights work on the roads? Electricity is consumed on a city/country level for different purposes. While stoplights may use sensors for them to work, but we must not forget that these lights are connected through wires to their source for them to work properly. The amount of electricity being consumed depends on the city size i.e. small, medium, or large cities.

Business Use

Businesses use electricity everyday for the very simple tasks. It is used in different parts of the office like for air conditioning or heating, lightings, computers, printers, and even the television if an office have one! Micro business may use 7500 kWh annually whereas medium businesses may use 35,000 kWh annually. Electricity is consumed according to the business it may be.

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