The Unseen Dangers: Rodent Damage to Solar Installations

In order to offset rising electricity prices and support a greener system, more people are embracing solar today. Rodent guard add-ons are typically an optional feature you can choose to include or exclude as part of your system, even though they are quickly becoming a common component of the installation of a solar panel system for your home. If installing rodent guards from SolarMe NJ for your solar panel system is optional for you, you might be wondering whether you should. Here are a few typical justifications for installing rodent guards on solar panels.

  • It guards against system harm


For many households, solar panels represent a significant investment. The 25-year warranty period on your solar panel installation should not be your only concern. In rare instances, ordinary neighborhood animals like mice, squirrels, and pigeons make their way to your home’s roof and below the solar panel installations. Mice and squirrels have the potential to nibble on wires, which can harm your solar panel system, albeit it is unusual. Pigeons frequently live on solar panels and use them as a place to raise their young and lay their eggs. Pigeons may not chew on the wires, but their actions under the panel may displace the wires and, over time, affect your system’s capacity to create solar energy.

  • It eliminates unwelcome animal noises


Animals might be drawn to your roof all day if you have solar panel systems. One of the most frequent critters that worry our clients is pigeons. You may probably hear pigeon activity there if your solar panel system is mounted on the roof above your bedroom and they decide to make it their home. This may result in unwelcome disruptions to your daily life for those who are sensitive to noise. Installing rodent barriers is a reliable way to prevent pigeons and other rodents from staying by your solar panel installation.

  • It stops animal messes


There will probably be filth and waste all around the solar panels if animals like pigeons decide to make them their home. Pigeons will bring various plants and twigs, using them to construct a nest beneath your solar panel system. Animals like pigeons will likely leave their trash behind if the solar panel system becomes their home of refuge. Homeowners may elect to install rodent guards after the fact. It is possible to install rodent protection after solar panel installation. However, depending on how long the solar panel installation took, it might require more work from our technicians, which would raise the cost of the rodent protection add-on’s cleaning fee. Installing rodent guards along with your solar panel system is always more environmentally and financially advantageous if you don’t want to take any chances.

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