The many benefits of constructing a two-storey home.

Now that you have decided to build your own house, there are quite a few important decisions that you need to make. One of the most important ones is whether or not you would like a one-storey or a two-storey home. You probably grew up in a two-storey building and so this is probably what you are leaning towards since the beginning. You remember the fond memories that you had growing up in such a home and your parents always told you that living in a two-storey property created more security for the family because a burglar would have to climb twice as high to get into the property. It also provided you with more privacy because the people who lived across the road couldn’t see into your bedroom.

Hopefully you have decided to build a two-storey house building (called สร้างบ้านสองชั้น in Thai) and so here is a little bit of a reminder why you found this property preferable when you were younger and when you became a teenager as well.

  • More space is more value – When we build our first home, we usually don’t think about the resale value that we decide to sell the property further down the line. However, the reality is that you might want to move on from this beginner home and so you want to be investing in something that is going to give you a higher resale value when the time comes. If you are restricted from space, then the ideal option is to start building upwards and even if you do have a lot of space around you, building upwards helps to provide you with a much larger garden.
  • More privacy – Many people find it incredibly important to be able to go to their bedrooms and get some much needed privacy. It is incredibly hard to get such a thing in modern times because homes are built right beside each other and your neighbors can see right into your property. By choosing a two-storey house building, you’re guaranteeing yourself some privacy from nosy neighbors and prying eyes.

It’s hard to beat the addition of a balcony on a two-storey building and it allows you to be able to see right around your local area and far beyond. If there is particularly beautiful scenery surrounding you and your building location, then it would be a shame to miss out on all of that beautiful view.

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