Recycling Initiatives Are Having A Positive Effect On Waste Management

One Grocery Retailer Has Answered The Recycling Call To Action In Trials

A British grocery market, is part of a much-anticipated retail recycling trial. The US has been recycling plastics for cash since the 1980’s. Now, it’s the citizens of UK’s turn to recycle products and make a little money in the process. Tesco is on a list of stores that are carrying out the same idea. The UK’s government wants to bring recycling mainstream and high-tech, working with waste disposal companies to achieve a greener, more environmental approach to traditional big bags and commercial waste management.

A Three-Prong Approach To The UK’s Recycling Movement

The first part of this effort consists of getting customers to save, wash, and reuse the plastic containers they receive from the grocery store when shopping at the deli, fish, and meat departments. Of course, with any execution of change, there is a learning curve. It’s a fairly straightforward process to ensure you don’t have any bacteria, wash the reusable plastic holder thoroughly with soap and hot water. Then, store it properly in a clean, dry place until your next shopping visit.

The Recycling Movement Is In The Bag

The second part to a Closed Loop Packaging movement is eliminating the need for single use meat, fish, and deli department plastic bags. The first part comes back into play by returning to these departments with your saved plastic containers it allows the store to wrap your choice of items in 100% recycled paper. In perpetuating the process, the item is then placed back into your multi-use plastic container for the next round.

Stack Those Grocery Store Coupons With Automated Recycling

Now, plastic bottle recycling is paying off. The third part is a user-friendly machine that made its debut in one of the UK’s largest grocer. The returning price point is 10p in coupon form per bottle to use at that grocery store. Locations picked to take part in the trial meet the criteria for recycling by the trial machine. Plastic bottle return systems are located in Swansea, Borehamwood, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and for waste recycling in Charnwood.

Taking The Initiative To Go Green

Showing the nation that recycling is easy to incorporate into daily life is one retailers mission. There is money to be made in valuable coupons for your shopping trip when returning plastic bottles. Some grocery chains believe that retailers and government entities should work together to make recycling mainstream and streamlined. If the process is simple, easy, and profitable, more people will be willing to take part. If one of these machines aren’t located where you purchase groceries you can take recycling on your own.

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