Move or Improve? Here’s How to Decide

When your home starts to look old and tired, or you to upsize or downsize, it’s tempting to simply get online and start searching for a new property. But moving is a hassle, not to mention expensive, so would improving your property be a better option? Here’s how you can make the big decision.

Price up a house move

If you’re thinking of moving, you’ll need to consider the costs, which may include:

  • An increase in your monthly rent or mortgage
  • Increased stamp duty
  • Fees for solicitors, estate agents and others
  • Removal costs

Ensuring that you know the costs of a move will help you make your decision, and you can compare this with the cost of a renovation.

Get quotes for your building work

Even if you think a renovation is going to be pricey, it’s worth getting some quotes so you can compare the costs. Speak to some specialists in home renovation Stoke-On-Trent, as they’ll be able to give you some ideas about what’s achievable and a ballpark figure as to how much it’ll cost. From an extension to a change of floorplan, there are usually plenty of options.

The question of moving versus improving is a tough one. If you love your current neighbourhood, you may want to stay put and work on your home, which you may be able to change to your liking. A move can often be the most expensive option, but it gives you a lot more options. Sit down and make a pros and cons list to help you out.

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