Major Pressure Washer Problems And How To Avoid Them

Research has revealed the most common pressure washer problems, and in addition to that, have provided ways on how to avoid them. If you have intentions of buying a new pressure washer, then you certainly will want a quick machine that can carry out the work with ease. You can choose the best fit for you from Unimanix pressure washers.

Below is a summary of some common pressure washer problems most users have faced while using their machine, and our tips on how to avoid such problems.

#1: Water leakage within the washer

This common problem or fault happens when a pressure washer has been kept unused throughout the winter and it is normally caused by water freezing, splitting and expanding plastic components within the pressure washer.

How to avoid:

Ensure you keep your pressure washer drained before storing it during winter seasons. Find out how to do this by checking the manufacturers manual. Don’t store your pressure washer in a frost-free place, so it wouldn’t freeze.

#2: Water loses pressure

There exist different problems that cause this fault. Such as water inlet, blocked nozzle, the air in the pump or in the inlet water supply hose, or inadequate water supply.

How to avoid:

Clean the water filter if the pressure washer is pulsing it’s worth, making sure that the water gets completely turned on and that the hose which supplies the pressure washer is not kinked or squeezed first. If you want to get rid of the air, then run the washer with a nozzle or an open spray handle, at a low pressure, until the normal working pressure comes back.

In cases where the pressure is low but at the same time steady, it shows a worn stop/start valve. You can squeeze the trigger for 5 times in order to get it back to its normal state. Or else it can turn out to be a worn-out nozzle that will need a replacement.

#3: Pump fails

This is mostly caused by a cracked or frozen pump component, but another major suspect of this fault could be running the pump and the water isn’t flowing or ignoring problems that can as well make the pressure washer not to work perfectly.

How to avoid:

Ensure the pump is stored correctly, and make sure the water is properly turned up at an adequate pressure before you run the pump.

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