List of Nations Producing Most Waste Every Year

Reports reveal that every year several nations have been generating 1.3 billion tonnes of waste. Despite the figure seemingly high, chances are higher that it would increase by 4 billion by the year 2100. The question to ponder upon would be who is producing all the waste? Find below a list of popular nations with highest populations to give you an idea on the waste being produced by them. Reconomy being great on skip cost would provide information on the amount of waste popular nations have been producing.


China has been known to produce approximately 300,000,000 tonnes of waste every year. However, they plan to spend around £28million throughout the year 2020.

The United States of America

USA has been producing around 228,614,990 tonnes of waste every year. However, they plan to reduce waste by 50% by the year 2030.


India has been guilty of producing 226,572,283 tonnes of waste every year. However, the government proposed to build around 100 incineration plants for tacking waste produced in the nation.


Brazil has been producing around 62,730,096 tonnes of waste every year.


Indonesia produces 59,100,000 tonnes of waste every year. However, the nation has invested £1billion for reducing amount of waste going into water.


Russia produces around 48,256,200 tonnes of waste per annum. Despite the nation having recycling target of 60-70% of waste by 2025 in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the nation plans to achieve recycling rate by 30-40% in other cities as well.


Mexico produces around 39,385,595 tonnes of waste per annum. They have signed a contract of approximately $1billion with French Waste Company, Veolia for building waste incinerator by 2020.

At eight, ninth and tenth place, you have Nigeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan with 25,000,000 tonnes, 22,528,901 tonnes and 20,000,000 tonnes of waste produced every year respectively.

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