Know How Can One Avail The Benefits Of Solar Panel Subsidy

In recent years solar energy has proved that it belongs in the category of clean and green renewable energy. Therefore, a lot of climate and environment-conscious people have started to take a keen interest in solar energy. Especially in a country like India where the energy and electricity consumption is very high, people have become very much conscious about the carbon footprint they are leaving in the environment.

Without energy and electricity, it has become very tough to get things done but at the same, we really do not wish to harm the environment. That is exactly why solar energy is the energy resource we can use to reduce the wastage of energy as well as decrease the level of carbon footprint in the environment. To further encourage people, the government of India is also providing its citizens with solar panel subsidy for residential usage.

Solar panel subsidy in India

The exact geographical location of the Indian subcontinent is not very far from the equator belt. As we all know that throughout the equator belt sunlight’s reach is maximum and the rays are evenly distributed, therefore remaining near the equator belt also has its premium advantages.

Geographically staying near the equator India has enormous benefits and the potential to aptly harness solar energy. Talking about India’s potential, the country receives around 5000 trillion kWh energy annually, and most importantly on average most part of India receives 4 to 7 kWh energy per square meter every single day.

The position of India in terms of harnessing solar energy is fifth all over the world after the installation of the capacity of 50 plus GW at the end of January 2022. But the problem among the Indian citizens is that although many of them are willing to install solar panels they cannot practically do the same because of the high installation cost of the solar panel and storage capacity system.

In order to tackle this issue and encourage the people of India to adopt solar energy, the central government of India has started to provide solar panel subsidy for residential installation.

Benefits of solar panel subsidy in India

After considering all the benefits of solar panel installation and its impact on the environment, many people want to be part of this ecosystem to harness renewable energy directly from nature. But the initial installation cost is so high that a lot of people end up being unable to afford the solar panels installation cost. Not to mention there is also a lack of awareness among the Indian citizens that solar panels aren’t worth the investment which of course is wrong.

The central government of India and some state governments have taken the initiative to help people use solar energy through a solar panel subsidy scheme where the government is willing to pay 40 percent (for up to 3kWh) and 20 percent (for up to 10kWh) standard installation cost for installing solar panels at the rooftop.

Benefits of the people who use solar panels

Those who have installed rooftop solar panels won’t have to worry about paying electricity bills or if the electricity consumption is very high then they won’t have to pay much. The overall lifespan of solar panels is generally more than 25 years therefore they also don’t have to worry about any type of extra cost associated with the solar panels and their installation process. Lastly, the maintenance cost of rooftop solar panels is very low therefore the long-term result of using solar panels is very beneficial.

How to apply for a solar panel subsidy?

Follow the steps in order to apply for a solar panel subsidy from the government of India.

  • Firstly, visit the official website https://solarrooftop.gov.in/
  • You will arrive at a new page where you will have to apply for solar rooftop installation.
  • Another web page will open up in front of you where you will have to select your state of residence.
  • After which a new form will appear and you will have to fill out the necessary information and submit it for verification.

The usage of fossil fuels as the sole source of energy has already had a huge negative impact on our environment. Therefore, people are rapidly looking for alternative energy sources and solar energy is one of them. The Indian government is also very serious about using solar energy as a renewable energy source which is why people should take advantage of the solar panel subsidy and install solar panels as soon as possible.

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