Is SMART waste disposal needed to save the planet from climate change?

Waste Disposal and its Impact on Climate Change

Waste is the biggest source of pollution on our planet. It has now become necessary to dispose of waste in a way that is more efficient, environmentally friendly, and safer for people.

Impact of Waste Disposal on Climate Change

The biggest group of waste that affects climate change is non-recyclable waste materials. Non-recyclable waste materials include metals, filters, and electronic items. Non-recyclable waste materials produce a massive amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when disposed of inappropriately.

Plastic waste also contributes to a high amount of greenhouse gases being present in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases impact the climate negatively. These gases affect the ozone layer and make it thicker, thus leading to global warming.

It is therefore recommended to use smart methods of waste disposal. These include:

Smart Bins

Smart bins are eco-friendly rubbish bins. A smart system positioned inside the container uses sensors, image recognition, and artificial intelligence to collect waste more efficiently.

Waste Level Sensors

Waste level sensors can be used to monitor the level of a waste pool. A battery usually powers these sensors.

AI Recycling Robots

Artificial intelligence is used as a long-term solution to waste management. AI recycling robots simply use recognition technology to identify the type of waste and get it recycled accordingly.

E-Waste Kiosks

E-waste kiosks are similar to the self-service checkouts present in modern supermarkets. They can be used to separate electronic waste into different piles.

Pneumatic Pipes

Some cities are installing pneumatic waste disposal bins that connect to a series of underground pipes. These pneumatic pipes further connect to a waste collection plant, thus ensuring waste is disposed of appropriately.

How Smart Disposal of Waste Has Improved Climate Change

Climate change resulting from poor waste disposal is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. New and better waste disposal methods must be implemented to improve the current waste disposal methods and management. Smart disposal of waste helps prevent negative impacts on climate change and ensures sustainable living in the future. This is because it reduces the emission of high amounts of toxic gases into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and methane. This will, in turn, protect and improve the environment and prevent the depletion of the ozone layer.

Some of the challenges affecting smart waste disposal tactics include:

  • Lack of awareness of smart waste disposal
  • Waste collection inconsistencies
  • Lack of funding

The way forward is for people to be educated on smart ways of disposing of waste and for the world to embrace these methods. Responsible parties should also ensure funding is allocated to the public on time to facilitate smart, responsible waste disposal methods.

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