Is a Tile Roof Better Than Shingles for Florida Homes?

Homeowners in Florida who are looking to get a new roof will need to choose what type of roofing to choose. Each material has its pros and cons, but for Florida homes especially we’ll be looking over the differences between tile roofs and shingle roofing. Figuring out which one is best for Florida homes is key so let’s dive in to find out whether tile or shingle roofing is best for you. 

Is Tile Roofing Or Shingle Roofing Best For Florida Homes?

Tile roofing and shingle roofing are two extremely popular roofing types, but there are differences between them. Tile roofing withstands severe weather and storms much better than shingle roofing does, which makes it great for the Florida climate. The downside is that tile roofing can be expensive and more complicated to get repaired than shingle roofing. Also, tile roofing in general is a bit more expensive than shingle roofing to get installed. 

Overall, Florida homes will benefit from the weather resistance as it will hold up much better than shingle roofing which also means fewer repairs. This information is presented by our company who completes tile roof repair in Cranston.

Is A Tile Roof Worth It?

Tile roofs are a bit pricier than shingle roofs, but the quality of the roof is definitely there. Tile roofing is built to withstand harsh weather and they are quite leakproof. The price for tile roofing can range from $16,000 to $32,000 for a full tile roof or about $4 to $16per square foot. The great thing about tile roofing is that they are durable so repairs should be slim to none, plus tile roofing can last homeowners over 50 years. Paying a bit more upfront for a tile roof is worth it for the longevity and durability of the roof. 

Is Tile Roofing More Expensive Than Shingle Roofing?

As we stated, tile roofing is more expensive than shingle roofing. Shingle roofing is the cheapest option for most roofing material types, but the durability isn’t up to par with tile roofing which explains the price difference. 

Getting a new tile roof costs between $8,000 and $25,000, with an average of about $16,000 for a tile roof installation. Roofs are typically priced per square foot, so with this homeowners can expect to pay between $8 and $25 per square foot of material. The actual price will vary based on the material of the tile and the design of the tile. The price for this material is quite high, but it lasts over 50 years, meaning you won’t need much tile roof repair in Florida during your roof’s lifetime. 

Shingle roofing is a very affordable roofing type that can range from $5,000 to $12,000 to install a new roof, with the average being about $9,000. The shingles run about $1 to $3 per square foot, however, the downside to shingle roofing is that they only last about 15 to 20 years. It’s quite affordable as well to get shingle roofing repaired or replaced compared to tile roof repair in Florida. 

Overall tile roofing is more expensive than shingle roofing by quite a bit, but the durability and the longevity of the roofing types are very drastic with tile roofing lasting over 50 years and shingles only lasting about 20 years. 

Tile Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to shingle and tile roofing, so we’re going to take a look at some of the most important and standout ones. Comparing the two roofing types should help homeowners to choose the best roofing material for their home. 

Tile Roofing


  • Lasts over 50 years
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable and great for harsh weather
  • Energy efficient


  • High cost
  • Difficult installation
  • Pricey repairs

Shingle Roofing


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • Easily repaired or replaced


  • Not the best in harsh weather
  • Prone to leaking
  • Only lasts about 20 years

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that tile roofing is a great option for Florida residents for many different reasons. The main thing tile roofing is great for is weather resistance which is needed for Florida residents. Tile roof repair isn’t the most affordable thing, so having a durable roof that can withstand the weather conditions is key. 

Although the price of tile roofing is more expensive, the timeframe and longevity of the roof are unmatched and it’s a great investment for any Florida resident. Shingle roofing does have its benefits but there are more likely to be problems with the roof and therefore it will need more repairs. 

Remember that you should never attempt to do any roof repair or roof installation yourself. Calling a professional like tile roof repair in Florida will get the job done efficiently and effectively. DIYing a roof repair or installation can be extremely dangerous. If you’re looking to get a tile roof in Florida then you can contact tile roof repair in Florida to get more information on your needs. 

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