How to Find a Job in the Environmental Industry

For those looking for a career change, or perhaps preparing to enter the workforce for the first time in the near future, it’s always important to take the time and really think about which path is right for you. Obviously, you want to pick a career that you feel passionate about and have an interest in, but you also want to be sure it is a field that is growing, hiring, and offers potential.

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If you’ve been eying the environmental industry as a possible path to pursue, the good news is that this is an industry that is enjoying a period of growth. Industry experts expect the environmental consulting services market to grow to $37 billion by the year 2020 as environmental regulations get stricter, and companies take the initiative to become greener. To say this is an exciting time to enter the industry is somewhat of an understatement.

So, how can you break into the environmental industry field? Let’s take a closer look.

Educate Yourself on the Industry

A great place to start is to educate yourself on the environmental industry as a whole, and how it relates to other industries. This means examining current trends, news, and predictions for what is coming in the future pipeline. One interesting seminar you may want to watch is the Careers in Sustainable Business, with panelists such as Michael A Peck, MAPA Group’s founder; Jennifer Devor, events manager of Sustainable Business Network; and Spud Marshall, executive director of New Leaf Initiative.

The seminar was presented to Penn State students who wanted to learn more about the various business careers that contribute to a society that is more sustainable.

Pinpoint the Most In-Demand Jobs

Even though the environmental industry is experiencing a period of growth, there are some jobs that seem to be growing at a faster pace. These can be called hot jobs, or in-demand jobs. These can offer a higher chance of employment, so they can be a more lucrative route to take. Some of the hottest jobs at the moment with the most demand are environmental technicians/technologists, environmental engineers, and environmental managers.

Again, taking the time to educate yourself on what each of these jobs entail will help you to put together an action plan of how you can break into the career.

Your Educational Background Matters

The environmental industry is a rather broad industry, but one thing that can really help no matter which job you are eyeing up, is the proper education. There are all kinds of degrees and diplomas that can translate over to this industry and give you the cutting edge on the competition. There are also jobs that will require specific training and even a license. Take for example an environmental engineer. For this job, you will need to have your professional engineering license. As an environmental technician, you typically need an associate’s degree or certificate in an applied science technology.

These tips will all work together to help you find a job in the environmental industry.

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