How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in NJ? (Your Finance Guide)

Going solar is becoming very popular as people are becoming more educated on the benefits and possibilities of going solar. If you’re looking into going solar in the NJ area, then you’re in the right place. When looking into solar panel installation in NJ you’re probably wondering how much this can cost, as this is a leading worry factor for homeowners. Let’s dive in and look at the potential price of going solar for you. 

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation in NJ Cost? 

When it comes to pricing solar panels it can be a little difficult to really narrow it down to a potential price for you. However, we do have a price range that can help you estimate. The average price for solar panel installation in NJ is between $14,000 and $19,000. Most homeowners can expect to pay about $17,000 for their installation, however, prices ultimately can be up to $50,000 depending on the type of panel and how much energy output it has. 

Factors That Affect Solar Panel Price

There are many different factors that can affect solar panel pricing, so let’s go over some of the ones that you should consider; that is, besides choosing the best solar company in your area.


There are two types of panels that you can get. They are off-grid and grid-tied. Essentially the difference is that grid-tied systems are using backup energy from an electrical grid. Being off-grid means that you’re running on your energy even for backup and you’ll most likely need an additional backup system, battery backup, and more space. 

Off-grid systems can cost between $40,000 and $55,000 while a grid-tied system can cost between $14,000 and $19,000. 

Amount of Watts

How many watts a system will need also affects the price. Each panel can range from 250 Watts to 400 Watts each. Here are some pricing comparisons for the amount of Watts. 

2kW: $4,800-$6,500 

3kW: $7,300-$9,800

4kW: $9,700-$13,000

5kW: $12,00-$16,300

6kW: $14,000-$19,000

7kW: $17,000-$22,000

For larger systems, you may need up to 20kW to power your system. If you’re looking into a larger system of 10kW to 20kW then you can expect to pay between $30,000 and $60,000.

Square Footage

Another huge factor is the square footage of the space. Each home will have a different amount of square footage that will be covered by the panels. Let’s look at how this price can change based on the space covered. 

1,000sqft: $4,800-$26,000

1,500sqft: $6,000-$29,000

2,000sqft: $9,700-$32,000

2,500sqft: $14,000-$39,000

Cell Type

There are a few different cell types that you can get with your solar panels. Let’s look at how the price compares against the three main types: 

Polycrystalline: $13,000-$18,000

Thin Film: $13,000-$18,000

Monocrystalline: $14,000-$20,000


There are two main places where you can put solar panels. Typically you can do them on your roof or on the ground on your property. However, there are different price ranges for each location type. 

Ground: $17,000-$23,600

Roof: $14,000-$19,500

Price Overview

Ultimately the price for solar panel installation in NJ can still vary greatly. We recommend talking to a solar panel installation company in order to get a more accurate estimate based on your particular area size, energy usage, and particular panel type. It can run you a few thousand dollars no matter what though, but getting an estimate is always helpful in preparing a budget and payment options. 

How Can I Save Money On Solar Panel Installation In PA?

There are a few ways that you can save money on your initial investment into getting solar panels. However, one main thing that you should look into if you’re going solar is solar incentives. Solar incentives vary by state, but there is a great chance that you’ll get some awesome savings on the initial investment of solar panels. Because this is the most expensive part of the process and it’s the part that many homeowners are nervous about when going solar. 

Do Solar Panels Increase Property Taxes in PA? 

Solar panels increase your property value, which does in return increase your property taxes. Some states have a tax exemption that prevents this from being the case, but PA is not a state that has this exemption. With that being said, the price for solar panel installation in PA is still very worth it with incentives and other savings that can balance out the extras you’ll pay in taxes. 

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, solar panel installation in PA can vary in price quite a bit depending on multiple different factors. Regardless, it’s a great investment into your property and your energy savings. Remember to check about your local solar incentives to save as much as possible on your investment, while still having great quality work and panels. You can also check with your local panel installation company to get a better estimate based on your particular situation. 

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