History and Growth of MBP Solutions

Founded almost two centuries ago, MBP Solutions has grown to be the number one leader in the process of turning one firm’s by-product into another firm’s input. Through-out the years, MBP solutions has enabled firms attain sustainability by contributing positively to the environment.

This has been made possible by development of efficient processes and procedures for collection and handling, processing and production of by-products that are biological in nature. This article seeks to find out the different phases that MBP Solutions has gone through to become a world leader in biological by-product management.

Foundation of MBP Solutions

MBP Solutions which was then known as Modern-By-Products A/S was founded in 1999 in Scandinavia with one of its objectives being to optimally use waste products from various industries. This was in response to the growing demand for sustainability in production process of various products. There was also an increasing need for security of animal feeds and the founders saw an opportunity to develop sustainable by-product solutions to cater for the growing demand in the market.

Venture into the bio-liquids market

At the beginning of the year in 2003, MBP solutions made its very first sale of bio-liquids in the Scandinavian market. This was in line with the national policies which were trying to find ways and means of limiting and eliminating C02 emissions released in the environment. Bio-liquids facilitated in the reduction of CO2 emissions by replacing the usage of heavy fuel oil which is rich in carbon. This was seen as one of the reasons why the sale of bio-liquids was successful in the Scandinavia market.

Omega-3 By-products

Towards the end of the year 2003, MBP Solutions signed its first ever agreement which propelled it to a world-wide recognition for its efforts to come up with innovative by-product solutions. This agreement gave MBP Solutions exclusive rights to distribute fish oil fractions and omega-3 concentration by-products which saw it penetrate and overtake the omega-3 industry.

Growth and expansion

In between the year 2006 and 2011, MBP Solutions experienced considerable amount of growth which saw it open offices in different corners of the world such as England, Norway, Italy and Netherlands. These offices were not only meant to serve the local customers but were also meant to give MBP Solutions a better understanding of their specific waste products and how they can be valuable to the organization.

Adoption of ISO Standards

The company was growing rapidly and expanding to various countries which made MBP Solutions management decide to adopt ISO standards so as to enhance management of the various outlets. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 have not only impacted the management in a positive way but also helped to increase the returns gotten by the company.

Launch of an animal feed unit

The relocation of MBP Solutions offices in October 2012 to Malmo in Sweden saw the launch of a special unit dedicated to production of nutritious and sustainable animal feeds using various by-products. Professionals based at the unit are continually involved in the search for new animals feed applications using protein powders and fish oil products among other by-products.

Research center

In November 2017, in collaboration with ReSource International; an environmental engineering company from Iceland, MBP Solutions opened a laboratory to enhance its research into various issues. Some areas under consideration include wastewater, biogas and oil/fats. This research center is expected to improve existing by-product solutions as well as enable the development of new and more efficient ways of managing and using by-products.


Over the years, has grown into a one-stop shop for homesteads and industries looking for ways to manage their biological by-products. With offices all over the world, MBP Solutions boasts of easy accessibility of their services. Long experience in the production of animal feeds, fertilizers, biogas and biofuels enables MBP Solutions to showcase their competence in usage of by-products as well as developing long-lasting customer relations.

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