Essential Trade Numbers to Store in your Mobile Speed Dial

There is a lot to managing a family home and if you are tasked with this, there’s much to learn; buildings, like anything else, are subject to erosion from the harsh Australian climate and over time things can and do go wrong. In order to help you deal with any domestic emergency, here are some essential trade numbers that you should pre-source and store in your mobile memory.

  • The Locksmith – Let’s hope you never have to call out a locksmith; all it takes a gust of wind while you’re outside the front door and, hey presto! You’re locked out! The locksmith has an amazing array of talents and one happens to be the ability to gain access without causing any damage. Let’s not forget the reality of locking yourself out of the car, which calls for an auto locksmith in Rockingham who will have you in the car before you know it. In the unlikely event you are burgled, it is best to change all the locks in the house, something for the local locksmith, who can also supply and install CCTV systems and other types of alarm.
  • The Plumber – Your home is a complex network of water and waste pipes and water leaks usually occur when we are asleep; search online for a 24/7 plumber and save the number for an emergency. A ruptured pipe in the upstairs bathroom would certainly qualify as an emergency and as soon as you turn the water off, you need to call an emergency plumber.
  • Drain Specialist – Unblocking a drain is not for the faint of heart and in most cases, a DIY fix simply makes the problem worse; call out a drain unblocker, who has the know-how and resources to unblock the drains in a timely manner.
  • Electrician – Another essential services that you might require one day and that might be outside of regular office hours, so look for an emergency 24/7 service and store the number in your mobile device.
  • Tree Surgeon – Large trees do require pruning and shaping and should there be a bout og bad weather, this could impact your trees. Ask your local arborist to visit twice a year and that should be enough to keep your trees looking good.

The smart homeowner pre-sources the essential domestic services that they might need, then when the time comes, you can quickly summon the right people.

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