Design Aspects for a New Warehouse

If your e-commerce business has really taken off and you are looking to build your own warehouse, there are design aspects to consider. The great thing about a new build is you can design specifically for your business operation and you might need some professional help with the design, to ensure it is perfect.

Here are a few aspects to take onboard when building a warehouse.

  • Roofing – If you make the best use of hi-tech coatings, your warehouse space will be cooler in the summer, as the coating will reflect most of the heat back into the atmosphere, saving you on energy costs. Aluminium is a very popular choice and make sure you have adequate ventilation units on the roof.
  • Flooring – There are experienced epoxy services in Adelaide and there isn’t a better warehouse flooring that epoxy resin. You can create stunning graphics, line and symbols for added safety, plus epoxy is non-slip, even in wet environments. This allows you to create a complete layout on a computer, with loading bays and yellow lines where needed. Epoxy is a little more expensive than polished concrete, but the benefits are indeed many and epoxy is the best long-term flooring solution.
  • Racking Systems – Rather than rushing into the fixtures and fittings, take a look at the latest generation of warehouse racking, which is strong and interconnectable, allowing you to create a range of designs. You will no doubt be introducing automation to some degree and there are picking and packing robots that can be configured by the user.
  • Mezzanine Floor – You must make the best use of every square metre and a mezzanine floor adds greatly to your storage capacity, which is relatively easy to construct and with a swinging gate, the fork lift has access. A set of steel steps can run up the wall, giving instant access and for the little it costs, the mezzanine floor will be an integral part of your storage.
  • Solar Power – We have the technology to provide you with all, or a portion of your commercial energy needs and the Australian government is offering generous grants and incentives to start using clean and renewable energy. Yes, it will be a major investment but one that will pay long-term dividends and you have a lot of roof space for solar panels, which could dramatically reduce your energy costs.

This is an exciting time for you and by spending time considering all of the above, your new business premises will be a valuable asset for many years to come.

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