Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Office

Setting up an air conditioning unit within spaces where temperature exceeds bearable levels is normal. But the ability to cool a given space is not the only AC attribute you should consider when buying an AC unit, particularly when it’s for office use. Besides cooling the air, an AC also brings down humidity levels and filters out pollutants and allergens. AC units are available in different layouts, offering a wide range of applications and features that could be beneficial or impeding to an office space.

Split and Centralized ACs

Small-to-medium-sized firms usually opt for split ACs. In split unit ACs, the compressor and condenser are positioned outdoors and the evaporator is located within the space. These units are economical for server rooms, shops, small spaced offices and cafes for their energy-efficiency. If split AC units are used in more than one room, the space outside would be enough for accommodating external units assigned for each room.

Split ACs are considered better than centralised air conditioning units for their independent functioning. In other words, even if one of the units of a split AC setup breaks, others would continue to function. Centralised units, on the other hand, are interconnected and any issue in any component of the link would bring the entire system down.

However, compared to centralised ACs, installing a split AC isn’t that straightforward, thanks to the extensive piping requirements for individual units. This makes it a lesser attractive option for bigger office spaces that have much more expansive cooling needs.

Package-Type AC

Another AC type is the package unit that comes with centrally positioned evaporator, condenser, and compressor outside the office. It’s commonly used to cool down larger industrial rooms or spaces, such as a warehouse. The installable components are usually on the wall or roof.

Cassette AC

If you prefer a more flexible and unobtrusive AC unit, a cassette AC would blend in well. Thanks to its ceiling-based installation, it would seamlessly integrate with any kind of office interior. The powerful AC unit offers high-performance cooling and utilises minimum energy. It cools down any space from bottom to top and doesn’t present much in terms of cleaning and maintenance costs.

Ducted AC

Ducted air conditioners are an option too. These ACs are known for their discreet or concealed operations. The indoor AC unit is usually concealed under the floor or through the ceiling and an external unit goes in the discreet parts of your office. Moreover, it comprises flexible ducting to distribute air throughout your office’s vents. Ducted ACs are quite popular within business circles for their flexibility and versatility. Controlling office air temperature is a lot easier with these ACs.


The types mentioned above do not completely represent all the different kinds of ACs you can buy for your office. However, they are the most popular options. If you are still not sure about the right AC for your business or would like to learn more about the other types, such as wall mounted air conditioning units, get in touch with a professional AC technician.

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