Choosing The Full System Audit For Energy Of Air Compressor

Since the cost of energy rose dramatically years ago, energy audit industries are now opening more branches worldwide. These audits help in preserving energy. This energy audit of air compressor saves a big quota of energy, but are expensive. A key point to note when considering or choosing one is the need for it to be carried out when the system is running and when there is little need or none for any free time.



This type of audit is the most simple of all of them. It is characterized by facts being that it involves no hardware. This comprises a visual assessment which is undertaken in the room of the compressor in and out. Lots of the problems which compromise the operation of an air system are mostly rudimentary as the identification and sealing of leaks, and minimizing drops of pressure. It is also a good strategy to acquire more knowledge about obtainable substitutes such as the speed drive compressor and how it matches the fluctuating energy demand of a facility.

The basic goal is to enhance the work of an establishment’s air compressor system to assist the operator in saving money through effective and cost-effective operations. This audit helps in providing assessments of the present level of productivity, suggesting ways of maximizing efficiency and providing analysis of several components.

Data Logging 

This audit consists of data logging of the current (Ampere). By using a formula involving a power factor, the kilowatt can be calculated to an accurate value, including graphs which illustrates demand. A key point in choosing an audit partner is to enquire about potential refund available from utility companies.

A block diagram of the supply side helps in identifying if there is a sufficient supply scope in the compressor room and if it the set-up is correct. You also need to inspect the plant floor, observing the layout of the piping, and the machinery tools that consume air and search for any inappropriate use.

Air Scan

The Air Scan also known as full audits have lots of options available ranging from the full system audit to certain measurements like the flow rate, power, the leak detection and so on. The Air Scan is flexible for air systems which allow customers to choose any level of audit required for their systems.

The Air Scan involves lots of options including:

  1. Air measurement
  2. Air leak detection/control
  3. Air quality audit
  4. Maintenance review
  5. Monitoring and control program

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