Budgeting for Mobility Aids

If you need help maintaining your mobility, you need to pay for it – end of story – but there are a few options that you can choose from that are relevant to your cash flow. Using stairlifts as an example, these can either be bought outright or rented on a long- or short-term basis. Although buying a stairlift outright does have its advantages, spending that kind of money (in the absence of local authority funding) can be a hard pill to swallow, renting offers the same benefits but enables the user to spread payments according to their budget.

Whether you want to buy or rent a stair lift in Kidderminster, it is strongly advisable to look into funding options from local authorities to see whether you qualify. There is usually some funding for people over a certain age, people with disabilities or those with a limited income.

What Stair Lift is suitable for me?

What stair lift you decide to buy, largely depends on the type of staircase you have in your home. There are both straight and curved stair lifts available from specialist suppliers who will be able to make recommendations based on your specific needs. These specialist organisations will also provide information on installation and might even have information on how to apply for funding. Whether you buy outright or rent a stair lift, you can feel confident that these state-of-the-art machines will ease discomfort, minimise the risk of stair related accidents and ultimately help maintain your independence.

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