7 Ways to Keep Your Offices Cool this Summer

Summer season

There are four seasons; winter, autumn, spring and summer which the is season that is associated with high temperatures compared to them all. During summer the length of the days lengthens from equinox to solstice and length of nights lengthen from the solstice to equinox. The length of time during day at which the sun heat is experienced is a lot hence need for every individual to adapt. In the traditional definition of seasons, summer is associated with both hot and warm weather. Although due to the effects of the Monsoon currents, summer in the Eastern Asia is associated with rains.
Keeping your offices cool during this season is the real big deal then because we cannot stay in the beaches all season long.

Keeping the office cool in summer

Reduce entry and reflect the sunlight

Window panes and even some glass sliding doors are put in place to ensure enough entry of sunlight into the office to improve the outlook. During the summer season the rays might cause a lot of heat indoors making the residents not to be comfortable at all in the room. We cannot close the windows and doors completely as they also serve the purpose of aeration but can put in place curtains and reflecting window panels and doors so as to reflect of some of the extra rays.

Use white colours in your office

In order to keep your room brightened up and not dull, you have to keep the doors and windows open. These are the entry portals for sun rays and light, this gives the room an extra good outlook since the colours of fabric and even the paint used a shine out clearly enhancing the look. Also, during summer there is no need to worry about too much of the sun rays as the best solution is to use reflecting colours for your fabric covers; white colours. The colour can reflect back light immensely and still the office looks brightened up.

Air conditioning position

Air conditioning in the office during summer is very fundamental as this is one of the major ways of regulating indoor temperatures. The summer is characterised by hot day time and warm nights, choose the most appropriate and best air conditioning system for your house to enhance comfort in your residence. The fans should rotate anti clockwise to the openings such that the warm air flowing into the room is propelled out. This can be very effective especially when the air inside is cooler compared to the outside.

Controlled use of electric appliances

Electric appliances may produce some heat especially when in use. The appliances add up as one way of heating up the house especially in a house filled electric appliances from sockets, computers and even laptops. Keeping them off when not in use is another way of regulating the heat.

Open the ports of entry

Opening all the ports of entry for air into and out of the room enhances circulation. Windows that are especially strategically located opposite each other should mostly be open as this allows for direct entry and immediate exit of the warm air freely throughout. This enhances regulation by enhancing circulation.

Keep the windows open at night.

During summer, the temperatures at night differ a bit compared to day time as the nights are cooler. To enhance regulation of warmth in the room so as to keep your house cool, you can keep the windows open at night to allow in cool air.

Plant trees near the office

This is one of the more natural ways of regulating the heat to keep the room cool. The trees should be planted strategically so as to hinder direct sun rays into the office especially near the windows. Before planting the trees, evaluate the direction of the sun and the time when it is hottest. Take care of the trees as this can be a long term method.

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